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Game Thoughts: Brewers beat the Reds 6-2

I'm not sure there was much doubt that the Reds were going to do well once we all saw that lineup. Sure, the Sunday Special lineups (on a Wednesday for a change) sometimes come through, but it's a rarity. I still contend that it was silly to give Felipe the day off on his bobblehead day, especially the day before an off day. And it's not like he hasn't been hitting well, so I'm not sure why Narron thought he needed a day off anyway.

Quick thoughts:

  • Austin Kearns has hit a pretty quiet ten home runs. With the way he's started it wouldn't be surprising to see him finish up in the high 20's or in the 30's.
  • Claussen looked bad, but it was good to see him get six innings in. Too often pitchers start out the way he did and end up leaving in the third or fourth and wearing out the bullpen. It was clear pretty early on that it wasn't the Reds night so it was good to see him stay in for awhile.
  • That wasn't a bad place to use Rick White last night. He can't hurt the team too much if the Reds are up or down four or more runs. Any closer and he shouldn't be pitching, until he can put together a string of outings like last night.
  • Brandon Phillips walked! That's number five on the season.
  • And I've got nothing else. I'm still shaking my head about the lineup though.