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Tuesday Links

  • Ozzie Smith hates Tony LaRussa, and it looks like the feeling's mutual. Sad to see I guess, but they both sound like idiots to me. Makes me want to see Larkin brought back into the Cincinnati fold, because I don't want to read something like this about him in a few years.
  • RHM took in a Nats game. I think I liked RFK a little better than her, but A) I was on my honeymoon and B) I'll admit that it is pretty drab. I thought it had some charm though.
  • Terrence Long is now playing for the New York Yankees. That's right New Yorkers, you'll take Cincinnati's cast-offs and you'll like it!
  • What the hell is up with Kansas City? (scroll down a bit with that article) I feel so bad for their fans. I wonder if they were excited when Glass bought the team? He's got a ton of money as he was the CEO of Wal-mart for a while, but he's not spending it, not to mention his intelligence clearly doesn't kick in when it comes to running a baseball team. KC fans deserve a lot better. Plus I'm sick of St. Louis getting to play them six times a year while we play the Indians. If they got a little better it wouldn't annoy me. Also, the article says they're looking to trade Andy Sisco, and I'm hoping that Krivsky would try to get in on that.