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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Brewers 7-3

The Lizard, for the win! He got roughed up a little tonight, but he's still worlds better than Dave Williams. Getting roughed up for him means a few runs and a short (five innings) outing. With Williams I was always happy if he kept the Reds within six. I'm glad the Reds moved on.

Quick thoughts:

  • Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks are going be pretty annoying for the next few years.
  • Chris Hammond looked great, and I think he's got things officially turned around at this point. The bullpen might not be so bad if we can get another lock down guy or two.
  • I'm with Brian B.: I'll never be sorry that Ken Griffey Jr. came to Cincinnati. It'll be a great day when he goes into the Hall wearing a Reds cap.
  • Three sac flys tonight. That oughta keep the purists happy.