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Monday Links

  • David Wells is a very stupid man.
  • If Wayne Krivsky can get someone to take Dave Williams off his hands then he's a genius. And even better if it's the Mets, because he might even get something decent back.
  • Paul Janish has been surprisingly good this year, and Raising Reds takes a look at him.
  • Baseball Minutia was inspired by the Barrett right cross on Saturday. And for the record, Barrett was wrong to hit him, but it doesn't matter. Pierzynski is one of the truly repugnant professional athletes out there, so I'm sure he deserved it for something.
  • Tom Seaver is still pissed about 1981, and I don't blame him. We wuz robbed.
  • Narron didn't ask Dunn to bunt. Makes you really wonder what on earth was going through his head.