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Game thoughts: Reds lose to Detroit 7-6

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I actually (thankfully) missed most of this game. I'm sorry that I missed Griff's grand slam, but I've seen enough of these kind of losses in the past five years to last me a lifetime.

Quick thoughts:

  • Surely this will mean that Todd Coffey is the closer now? Nothing at all against David Weathers, he is what he is, and that's not half bad. But I'm pretty much done with the idea of him as closer. He hasn't had a Danny Graves type meltdown yet, even with the three blown saves in a row, but it's still time for a change.
  • Just when you think Brandon Phillips is going back to his bad old Cleveland days, he manages to go 3-4 with his fourth home run. If he can actually keep hitting a little then I wouldn't be as averse to letting Felipe Lopez walk when the time comes. Granted, I still wouldn't love the idea of letting Lopez go, but Brandon's defense would help soften the blow. At this point he probably ought to be playing shortstop (with Felipe to second) anyway. It'd never happen, but it oughta.
  • I really like David Ross. The Braves might need a catcher, maybe something could be worked out.
  • Eric Milton looked really bad from what I saw, which was the first three innings. Really tentative, velocity in the high 80's. Not good, but hopefully he's just rusty.