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Reds sign Joe Mays to a minor league deal

I'm not going to complain. Wayne Krivsky has seemed to know what he's doing so far:

I didn't believe they'd do it, but sure enough, the Reds have signed Joe Mays to a minor-league contract.


Wayne Krivsky naturally is familiar with Mays from their days in Minnesota, but said he hasn't seen the right-hander pitch since last spring training. Nonetheless, he thought it was a low-risk signing.

"Joe's had some good years and recently struggled a little bit with Kansas City, and we're going to try to get him back on track, back to the major leagues with us here," said Krivsky. "From what I can gather it was as much command of his pitches as anything that got him in trouble (with the Royals)."

While I'm not going to complain, I will say that I imagine this'll end up like Terrence Long. I don't think Mays will ever see the light of day. Maybe he'll prove me wrong, I don't know.

The Reds also released Brian Buchanon to make room for Ray Olmedo on the Louisville roster.