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Game Thread: Game 27 vs. the Cardinals

TIME: 12:35 @ Great American Ball Park

                 CARDINALS PROBABLE:
Dave Williams (1-2, 9.53)        Sidney Ponson (3-0, 3.13)

Game thoughts from last night:

  • Bronson Arroyo is damn close to becoming a Cincinnati God. Couple more months of this and he'll be there. Cincinnati fans remember like none other. If Arroyo leads the Reds to the playoffs this year then he'll never be able to do anything wrong in the town again. Yeah, the northeast takes their baseball seriously,etc. etc., but WE STILL LOVE PETE ROSE. That's dedication.
  • Mark Mulder is pretty much all smoke and mirrors at this point. The announcers talked about his velocity being down since his injury, but I had no idea. Guys still a good pitcher I guess, but he's not ever going to be the same pitcher he was in Oakland. Look at his K rate from last year, and then tell me he's going to be able to pull off a sub 4 era for the forseeable future. I don't buy it.
  • I love everyone on this team. All the way down to David Ross. Even Rich Aurilia. Hell, I even love Dave Williams. This past month has been that good.
You look at the pitching matchup today, and it seems like it might be tough, but there's no way the Reds don't blast off on The Fat One. (I knew a cat once that went by the name "The Fat One". It was fitting, the damn thing probably weighed 35 pounds. It would flip over on its back, and you couldn't make out distinct features, i.e. legs, head, etc. It was just a giant cat puddle. Anyway ...)

If Dave Williams can go five innings and give up less than five then I figure we've got a fighting chance. It's Sidney Ponson! Come on, he might have thrown a pretty good game the first time around against the Reds, but its not going to happen again.

Finally, let's all have a moment of silence for May 2, 2005.
Many of the key figures in that tragic day are, of course, no longer with us, but its important that we remember what happened so that it is never, ever repeated.

Go Reds!