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Friday Links

  • It's crazy that Julio Franco doesn't get talked about more often. The guy's 47 years old. I think it's pretty likely that he'll play until he's 50. What's going to stop him? He still hits. But anyway, this is hilarious. I'm begging you to click that link because it's outstanding.
  • Look, Pete Rose is bitching! And I think the sun came up in the East today.
  • The Onion seems to be pumping out more and more sports content lately. Kind of hit and miss though, which is strange for The Onion. Usually all hit, in my opinion.
  • /Nod.
  • I guess the Reds are looking at Joe Mays which ... just ... no ok? If you can't pitch for the Kansas City Royals then you can't pitch for anyone. I'm fairly sure that's a rule. I refuse to discuss this anymore, unless it actually (God forbid) happens.
  • Tiny Casey really needs saving. He's on a milk carton and everything. And also, prizes!