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Milton to start on Saturday

Nothing's official yet as to who'll be sent down, but Marc had this:

After two innings of work Monday, Eric Milton has been deemed healthy enough to start, so he'll go Saturday against the Tigers.


n the meantime, Dave Williams and Brandon Claussen will each move up a day, so Williams gets the finale here Thursday and Claussen goes in the opener in Detroit on Friday.

Elizardo Ramirez will be available out of the bullpen the next few days, but chances are he'll be headed back to Louisville to keep starting when Milton is activated.

I don't know how I feel about that, but it's not surprising. Williams has more experience, and he's coming off a great start. It's tough to see the Lizard sent down though, he seems to be major league ready at this point.

As an aside, Marc Lancaster's comments are out of control. The IQ level over there has always hovered well south of average, but he's now got people linking to porn sites in the comments. So let me just take this chance to say that you guys are awesome. The best part of doing this site is reading the discussion and getting to know some really excellent people. So thanks for that.

And I guess I'm thankful to Marc as well since the Banana Phone types seem to gravitate towards his site. Better him than us.