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Wednesday Links

  • Apparently Jacci's Tiny Casey has been stolen and all the Reds bloggers are suspects. RHM has offered a reward. There will be hints at We Heart the Reds every day this week, so check that out. Oh, and it couldn't have been me, it happened on Sunday night. And Sunday night is Sopranos night, not stealing night.
  • Redleg Nation was interviewed.
  • Awesome look at old time scout Bobby Mattick from Baseball Minutia.
  • I'm not a Barry Bonds fan, but this is idiocy. Springer should be suspended for at least 20-30 games. Throwing at a hitter is getting awfully damn close to assault in my book. When a pitcher throws at someone there's the risk that they'll take away that player's livelihood or permanently injure that player. When I was 12 I thought this kind of stuff was cool, and then I grew up. Russ Springer is a moron.
  • Rick White won't be making the drive from Springfield anymore, which is probably a good idea. It can't be easy to be on top of your game when you're commuting 3.5-4 hours a day. Maybe this'll help.