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Mercker to the DL, Mike Burns recalled

When I saw this all I could really think was "Mike Burns? Really?", but he really was the best the Reds could do as far as calling someone up from AAA. Looking at the Louisville Bats pitching roster is just depressing.

Chris Michalek has pitched well as a starter, but he's 35 years old. I don't know if that precludes him being called up or not, but I'd think it would make it more unlikely.

Josh Hall has also pitched well as a starter, but he got shelled the other night, and I'm not surprised that the Reds wouldn't want to promote him after an outing where he gave up six runs in three and a third innings.

Those two are pretty much it. There's nobody else at AAA throwing well besides Mike Burns, who's put together a nice 14.2 inning stretch (1.84 ERA, 17/2 K/BB).

Kind of makes the bullpen troubles seem even worse. There's not any help at AAA. There are some interesting arms at AA that could possibly help by season's end, but that's being optimistic. Krivsky is going to have to go out of the organization if he wants to fix the bullpen, and I guess this is the area where we'll see how bad the organization wants to win this year.