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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Phillies 2-0

Much like Arizona last weekend, it's now really vital that the Reds salvage a game tomorrow. Losing two out of three to solid teams is going to happen, but getting swept is really digging yourself a hole.

Anyone think Dave Williams might have turned a corner tonight? Probably not, but it'd be nice wouldn't it? I'm guessing the conditions had more to do with the meager offensive output than the pitching of Lieber and Williams.

Dave Williams' ERA is all the way down to 6.32 after tonight's nice effort, so we've got that going for us.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: having guys like Quinton McCracken on the roster is dangerous because sooner or later they end up getting used. There's no earthly excuse for McCracken to ever be hitting leadoff for this team. As a 25th man I really don't care because 25th men really don't matter, but when he starts getting put into positions where he can hurt the team I get a little annoyed. He had to play tonight if you sit Junior because of Freel's groin injury, but there was no reason for him to be hitting leadoff. Felipe  is a perfectly fine leadoff hitter, and EdE is a solid two guy. McCracken isn't fit for hitting anywhere but eighth.

Tough task tomorrow facing Brett Myers, and because of the play Friday and tonight the Reds are looking at a pretty vital game. Good teams can't afford to get swept, especially at home.