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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Nationals 9-6

This was a little more like it. The pitching didn't look great with Aaron Harang having his first off night in a while, but the bats came to life.

  • Austin Kearns is having a ridiculous 20-40 stretch, and his average is all the way up to .339. It seems like a new guy carries this team every week, and Austin has stepped up for his turn.
  • I was listening on the radio when Dunn hit his home run, but it must have been a no doubter, because Marty simply said "Tie ball game". Three rows from the top of the Moon Deck isn't too shabby. I'm still waiting for the day Dunn hits the ball 600 feet and enters Baseball Legend, because you know it's got to be coming.
  • Brandon Phillips is having a little resurgence, and his batting average is back over .300. I like him more and more every day, especially for his defense. I know we're only 34 games into the season, but I'm already entertaining hopes that Krivsky will pencil Phillips in for the second base job for the foreseeable future.
  • Ryan Freel got a hit! And stole a base!
  • And that Felipe Lopez guy stole four. Pretty nice night for him. It can't have been more than a week ago that I read a "What the hell is wrong with Felipe Lopez" thread over on RedsZone.
  • Todd Coffey gave up a run, which is damn near front page worthy at this point, but his ERA is still under 1.00. I'm not sure I would have brought in Kent Mercker when Narron did, but it's a minor quibble.
  • Even after the rough past week, the Reds are still ten games over .500. They're not going anywhere folks.