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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Buccos 6-5

  • Claussen looked good, but was a little wild. No walks, but he hit three guys and threw 87 pitches in just five innings. If he didn't need to be pinch hit for in the fifth then he could have probably came back out for the sixth, but that would have been it. He needs to throw more strikes, but still a good outing tonight.
  • The bunting has to stop. For the love of God.
  • I shouldn't say this for fear of jinxing him, but Dave Weathers has looked awfully good in his two outings. If he could manage 15-20 saves by the break then a trade could be pretty lucrative.
  • Attendance: 13887 Yeah, the weather was ugly, but ouch that's bad.
  • Thank God the umps made the right call on Adam Dunn's single in the eighth. I'm still a little stunned that they got it wrong to be begin with.
  • How about EdE being all clutch after being made to sit? Narron needs to play the kid every day. This musical chairs with first, second, and third is going to end up biting the team in the ass, and I don't think its going to take long.
  • I kind of dislike Sean Casey now that he's in a Pirates uniform. I think that makes me a terrible person somehow. Need to think about it more.