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Game Thoughts - Reds beat the Cubs 8-6

  • Ryan Freel is an absolute stud, and a blast to watch. Jerry Narron has no business taking Freel's at bats and giving them to someone like Tony Womack.
  • Speaking of Jerry Narron, what was the deal with having the sacrifice on in the eighth? I'm glad it backfired on him, but I'm also glad that Ryan Freel made it all work out ok. Seriously, you've got Felipe Lopez and Ken Griffey Jr. coming up after Freel and both are home run threats. Not to mention that Ryan Freel was having a pretty good game. Why give away an out?
  • Wily who? Arroyo might have ended up giving up five runs (three were earned), but he looked great. I know a lot of people are worried about his strikeout rate falling off a cliff last year, but he did well today, striking out seven without walking anyone.
  • I thought Dave Ross was a good glove man?
  • Adam Dunn seems pretty locked in through the first two games. He's currently hitting .571, which of course means nothing, but it's fun to point out.
  • The Cubs pitching is looking pretty bad, bullpen and starting. But the real reason they're not a playoff team is that they're one of the more unpatient teams I've ever seen. Swapping Corey Patterson out for Juan Pierre should help, but I've seen a ton of 1-3 pitch at bats out of them these first two games.
  • First win of the season, and it feels good. Hopefully it'll be the first of many.