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Jim Bowden still using brain typing as a scouting tool

I never really got how brain scans could tell you anything about baseball ability, but that's not stopping Jim Bowden:

My philosophy is to have as many scouts as possible and to see as many players as possible. The more opinions you have, the better the chances you have of getting the picks right.

We also do extensive research on make up, character, personality tests, brain imaging, family history, medical history, signability and mental toughness. In other words, we keep trying to find winning people, not just players like Derek Jeter and Greg Maddux. Last year's top two picks (Zimmerman and Maxwell) fit this mold.

After the 9/11 comments, the leather pants, and the constant lying, I didn't think Bowden could possibly embarrass himself any further. I was wrong. He's become an even bigger joke in Washington.