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Red Reporter predictions

Just to get these all down:

AL West: A's
AL Central: Indians
AL East: Blue Jays
Wild Card: Red Sox

NL West: Giants
NL East: Braves
NL Central: Cardinals
Wild Card: Brewers

World Series: Indians over Cardinals (continuing the streak of long suffering teams finally winning the big one)

Reds predictions:

  • The pitching won't be as good as we're hoping right now. But it'll be better than the last few years.
  • The offense will be pretty damn good, even with a few injuries.
  • Jerry Narron will make it through the season, but that'll be it.
  • Austin Kearns will get traded for pitching; Chris Denorfia will become a starter.
  • Tony Womack will play himself out of the lineup relatively quickly.
Your Reds specific predictions? (More general predictions should go here.)