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Game Thoughts - Reds lose 16-7

  • Going into the season I think we all knew that the defense was going to be bad, but we saw just how bad it can get today. That was just a godawful display. How are we better with Adam Dunn in left field and Chris Denorfia on the bench again? Most days it's not going to be as obvious as it was today, but the defense badly needs an upgrade.
  • The pitching wasn't any good either, but just about everyone was let down by the defense at some point. There should have been a triple play in the first if Womack had looked at first base instead of third. Dunn misplayed a few balls in left. Edwin Encarnacion made a bad throw to first, but Scott Hatteberg should have still been able to scoop it up. He didn't. Nobody looked like they had any range.
  • Rick White has no business being on a major league roster.
  • The hitting was good. But we knew that coming in as well.
  • Tony Womack walked twice, which means Hell is probably frozen by now. That's not even mentioning Adam Dunn's sac fly.
  • Belisle and Todd Coffey were both bright spots, and like I said earlier the offense looked pretty capable, despite missing out on some big opportunities. The rest will be tough to think about over the off day tomorrow.