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Ron Oester arrested

This sounds about like him:

Former Reds second baseman Ron Oester was charged with disorderly conduct Thursday afternoon outside the Campbell County Courthouse in Newport.

According to the Highland Heights Police Department, some of the department's officers were outside the courthouse about 2:20 p.m. when Oester approached them to talk about a guilty verdict his daughter had just received for a traffic offense.

According to a statement from the department, Oester became belligerent with the officers, yelling curse words and physically flailing about."

The officers repeatedly told him to calm down and stop yelling "or he would be arrested due to the amount of bystanders he was attracting with his behavior."

When he persisted, they arrested him and booked him into the Campbell County Detention Center. He was released on $1,009 bail on Thursday evening, a jail official said.

You know, Bob Boone was bad, but you'll never convince me that Oester wouldn't have been worse.