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Daily Linkage: 4/28

JinAZ takes a look at how Todd Coffey has been used. Coffey's usage has been a big point in Narron's favor this season.

Steve Stewart is now blogging.

Very interesting article from the Hardball Times. I think we need to realize that we play in the toughest division in baseball. Yes, even tougher than the AL East. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see the NL Central with five teams over .500 this September.

Thom Boswell thinks there are worse GMs than Jim Bowden. This is true, mainly because of Allan Baird, but I think Bowden easily makes the five worst list.

And there's a little talk about this below, but this thought by Ken Rosenthal deserves its own space:

Willis, 24, will appeal not just to the losers of the Roger Clemens sweepstakes, but also to any surprise team that wants to maintain its early momentum with a midseason blockbuster.

For example, what if the Reds offered a package including third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and top pitching prospect Homer Bailey?

Dontrelle Willis is just 24 and could be a hot commodity at the end of July. (Brian Kersey / Associated Press)

The notion isn't as far-fetched as it might appear.

The Reds' new owners want to win. And while Encarnacion and Bailey would be a high price, the Reds would get Willis for the rest of this season and all of 2007 and '08 before he becomes a free agent.

That's a deal that would have to be done. I love EdE, but come on. Dontrelle is a legitimate ace, would give the Reds three solid pitchers, and the Reds have stopgaps for third base. Ryan Freel and Rich Aurilia could both do the job for now. Plus, as Rosenthal points out, its not like Willis is a one year rental. Controlling him through '08 would be huge.