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On blog access

I've been meaning to write something on this topic for awhile, and this has kind of given me a good excuse.

A little background. A Denver sports blog recently caused a bit of a stir by uncovering the fact that MLB has a league wide policy against giving press passes to blogs.

I'm fine with that. The last thing that I want is a press pass. I don't need to be in the clubhouse. Ever really. There's nothing I could ask a player that Marc Lancaster wouldn't ask, and there's certainly little chance that a player would open up to me more than they would to a guy from a newspaper.

But there is access I'd love to have. Interviewing the general manager is exactly the kind of thing for which this format is built. Newspapers don't have the space to print lengthy interviews. Blogs do. And so its always been a goal of mine to eventually sit down with Wayne Krivksy.

I'm glad to see Krivsky grant an interview to Redleg Nation, because it means he sees the value in communicating to fans directly, without the media go between. Hopefully this means we're one step closer to my getting a sit down with the guy. I'll even make sure my recorder works first.