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Daily Link Dump: 4/25

Baseball Minutia continues his series looking at the history of Reds pitching.

Daedalus has a game report from last night.

Red Hot Mama has had a good month, traffic wise. It's been a good month here at Red Reporter too. We get over 1,000 unique visitors and 3,000 page views most days now, which is pretty amazing to me.

Adam Dunn, with yet another great quote:

"I like the juiced-ball theory," Dunn said, "because it makes me laugh the most.

"Seriously, it's just a cycle. Home runs come in cycles, and this is one of those home-run cycles. It evens out eventually, and there's no reason it won't this time."

I guess there's been a lot of offense this season or something, I hadn't really heard.