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Daily Link Dump: 4/24

Lots of stuff to link to today coming off the weekend, so let's get right to it.

Baseball Minutia took a look at scrappy players, a term that makes me want to knock some heads anymore when I read it on RedsZone. It's kind of interesting how incredibly wrong people on that board have been with regards to Narron and Krivksy's player choices, and yet the jokes continue. Tony Womack has barely played guys, its time to give it a rest. But anyway, I particularly enjoyed BM's look at Pete Rose, Chris Sabo, and Chris Stynes. Has anyone else ever heard that Stynes was a major dick? I read something once that said he had one of the nastiest personalities in baseball, which I found kind of funny given his relative lack of talent.

Red Hot Mama's latest podcast is up, and its a must download as she's landed a great interview with Tom Browning.

JinAZ has profiled one of my favorite Reds, Austin Kearns. Red Hot Mama's Kearns entry is here.

Keith Hernandez has pulled a Sam Wyche:

ets broadcaster Keith Hernandez's comments that women "don't belong in the dugout'' drew criticism Sunday from Padres manager Bruce Bochy, who supported the female member of his training staff and said he was surprised it even came up.

Hernandez made the remarks during the second inning of New York's 8-1 victory in San Diego on Saturday night. Mike Piazza homered for the Padres and exchanged a high-five in the dugout with Kelly Calabrese, a full-time massage therapist for San Diego.

"Who is the girl in the dugout, with the long hair?'' Hernandez said during the broadcast. "What's going on here? You have got to be kidding me. Only player personnel in the dugout.''

Hernandez found out later in the broadcast that Calabrese has been with the Padres training staff since 2004, but stood by his comment that she didn't belong with the team during a game.

Barry Bonds doesn't think he has a shot at passing Aaron:

"Heck no," Bonds said when asked if he still had a chance to catch Aaron. "Maybe something would happen during the winter time. My knee could get better. Maybe there will be some kind of solution they can come up with that would make the pain go away. Who knows? There are all kinds of reasons. When you get older, these kinds of things happen. But that's baseball."

He also said this about passing Ruth:

"If I took off for five days, the swelling would be gone," Bonds said. "But I don't have five days. I'm not taking five days off. I'm going to keep playing. I'm playing all year no matter what. Why would Ruth matter? This is a team. I'm trying to win a championship here. Ruth doesn't have anything to do with my championship. He won some. Let me have some.

"The thing is, I'm not trying to pass Ruth because Ruth doesn't have the record. Hank Aaron has the record. Going past Ruth would be just like going past Mike Schmidt or anyone else in baseball. Right? The record is Hank Aaron's. The topic is Babe Ruth."

And finally, this says the Reds might be close to a small trade:

The Reds could be close to executing another trade. Reports out of Los Angeles said Cincinnati was close to a deal where it would acquire outfielder Cody Ross from the Dodgers. It's not known yet who Cincinnati would be giving up in return. Despite batting .500 (7-for-14) with two homers and nine RBIs in eight games, Ross was designated for assignment on April 17 in a roster crunch and Los Angeles has 10 days to trade or release him before it would have to expose him to the waiver wire.

Ross's bat doesn't impress me all that much (although he has nice power), but he's supposed to be a defensive whiz which makes me a fan of a potential deal. If it doesn't take a lot to get it done then I'm all for it.