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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Brewers 11-0

Nothing will erase an 11-0 loss like an 11-0 win the very next day. I think we can all agree on that.

It's getting to be less and less of a joke to call Aaron Harang an ace. Today he did what aces are supposed to do, namely stop the bleeding after a previous day's poor pitching performance. Between Harang and Arroyo the Reds have a quality 1-2 punch that they haven't seen since the days of Pete Harnisch and Juan Guzman back in '99. Will that be enough to keep the Reds in the hunt deep into this season? I'm thinking yes more and more every day.

If you think about it, Harang's was the only outstanding performance we saw today, because when the other team gifts you with 13 walks then you'd better be able to take advantage of it. Still, I'd like to point out that Brandon Phillips is looking like a hell of a player to have hitting seventh.

It's still awfully early to be talking about the standings, but it bears mentioning that the Reds are already three games up on the Brewers, and 7.5 games up on the Pirates.

Remember, there were places that said the Reds were the worst team in baseball. We might not be watching the eventual World Series winner, but we're damn sure watching a team that's worlds better than the Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins, and Kansas City Royals.

After today, the Reds are tied with the Red Sox for the fourth best record in baseball. I'll take it.