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Game Thread: Game 19 vs. the Brewers

TIME: 2:05 @ Miller Park

               BREWERS PROBABLE:
Aaron Harang (2-1, 6.35)       Doug Davis (0-1, 8.24)

Mama said there'd be days like yesterday, right? Just like Opening Day I think it's best to just put it behind us, because in the grand scheme of things it means little.

The worst thing that happened yesterday was probably Eric Milton seeing Doc Kremcheck and having a bad MRI. He's now scheduled to have surgery on the meniscus in his left knee. No timetable yet, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it'll be at least a month before we see him again.

Elizardo Ramirez will be taking his spot and pitching tomorrow. He's having a great year so far, and I think he's eventually going to be a major league pitcher, in the bullpen if nothing else. He's still awfully young.

One thing this team can't have is injuries. Guys going on the 15 day DL every now and again is one thing, but guys missing large chunks of the season is another. The Reds just aren't good enough to withstand that sort of thing. It's looking like the offense might be cooling off a touch, which makes it more important than ever that the starters get it together. There's no excuse for yesterday, and there's really no excuse for it happening three or four times a week.

The Reds are facing Doug Davis today, a pretty good pitcher who's struggled so far this season. You guys know I'm pretty high on Milwaukee this year, so I think a series win on the road against them would be pretty huge. Hopefully Aaron Harang will rise to the occasion of pitching on short rest.

Go Reds!