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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Brewers 12-8

  • I think the second base logjam has been solved. Tony Womack should be headed out of town any time now.
  • How Dave Williams put up an under 5.00 ERA with the Pirates is beyond me. The starting pitching is starting to get to me, but what can you do?
  • The Reds are averaging 6.69 runs a game so far. That'd be almost 1100 runs over a full season. They've scored the most runs in the major leagues so far this season, and they've also given up the most. Sound familiar?
  • It was nice to see Narron go crazy on an umpire. The Reds have had a few bad calls go against them this year, and I imagine that frustration had to be getting to him. The best part was seeing him totally lose it and then walk away like everything was fine.
  • The Brewers lineup is tough. Not a lot of easy outs. Bill Hall and Damian Miller are probably the weakest, and Hall is a long time Reds killer so he doesn't really count.
  • The bullpen is getting low on fresh arms, so let's hope Bronson Arroyo can bounce back and put up 7 or 8 innings tonight. That'd be huge.
  • Maybe I should let the game thread start in the diaries every night! Nice to see the activity last night, I think 153 comments might be a record for a game thread, which is very cool.