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Daily Link Dump: 4/19

Baseball Minutia is asking if the Reds have ever had good pitching. Being the Reds, that means he has a lot of ground to cover. Part one is here and part two can be found here.

JinAZ looks at the cost of going to the ballpark.

I've been closely watching the Chicago White Sox hair flap, because of the parallel with Reds history, and this is an interesting column on Oscar Gamble. If you don't know who Oscar Gamble was then this will explain it:

Nate Silver, of Baseball Prospectus, is doing a fascinating series over at ESPN. You can read the first part here. Part two is here. The concept is that every player in the world is a free agent, and a draft is going to take place. He's running down the 50 most valuable players.

Baseball America mentions Dayton:

Dayton has one of the more prospect-laden rosters in the Midwest League, as it boasts six of the Reds top 30 prospects. The presence of prospects does not always lead to wins; however, as Dayton is currently 3-8. It is the worst record in the MWL and they sit in last place in the Eastern division. To open the season, they lost three of four to South Bend, a club that features none of the Diamondbacks' top 30 prospects.

It has not been the fault of the Dayton prospects; however, as outfielder Jay Bruce (No. 2) and shortstop Paul Janish (No. 14) are hitting .304/.347/.565 and .440/.423/.440. That is not a typo, by virtue of having no walks and one sacrifice fly, Janish has a lower on-base percentage than batting average.

Lefthanders Travis Wood (No. 3) and Philippe Valiquette (No. 20) and righthander Zach Ward (No. 13) have combined for a 2.27 ERA in 32 innings, with 26 strikeouts and 13 walks.

The outlier of the group has been outfielder B.J. Szymanski (No. 4), who is hitting .171/.227/.390 with 23 strikeouts in 41 at-bats. This is Szymanski's second time through the MWL as he hit .262/.332/.471 there last year in 191 at-bats before his season was cut short by a hand injury.

I think Szymanski is on the verge of washing out.