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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Marlins 9-1

  • The Marlins look as bad as advertised. Being an NL fan I never really saw the 2003 Detroit Tigers, but it's tough for me to imagine that this year's Marlins are much better. If they win 60 games I'll be really impressed.
  • Ryan Freel, Felipe Lopez, Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns ... I feel like something good is going to happen every time one of these guys comes to the plate.
  • Brandon Claussen looked pretty good, but he still took way too many pitches to get into the 7th. It's still encouraging to see him take care of a team that he should be able to take care of though.
  • I'm wary of calling for reliever's heads in April, because the sample size is small, but man Mike Burns hasn't really looked good in an outing yet.
  • Conversely, Chris Hammond looked ridiculous last night. He was really locating that changeup and making people look silly. Hopefully Burns can come around the way Hammond already has.
  • I keep saying it, but I really like watching Brandon Phillips play. I'm hoping more and more that he'll have a long term future with the Reds.
  • I found myself feeling sorry for Brian Moehler, I think largely because the announcers so clearly felt sorry for him. You don't see that too often. It's always a little sad to see a guy on his way out of baseball.