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Uniforms to change?

I'm 100% in favor of this:

Two weeks ago Uni Watch saluted the Royals for ditching all their ill-advised black trim and urged the Mets and Reds to do likewise. That prompted this dispatch from a reputable Reds source who prefers to remain anonymous: "The Reds' new ownership group is ready to dump black as one of the team's colors as soon as the 2006 season is over. If they didn't have so much black and red merchandise, they would have made the switch for this year. The best part? Navy blue is going to be the new third color, like in the days of old." You heard it here first, people.

What it might look like:

That would be awesome. I own a black batting practice Reds hat, which I obviously don't hate, but I've never been a big fan of every team in organized sports deciding to add some black. It's ridiculous. And the Reds have a long history with navy blue, so it's not like they're inventing something new here.

Plus, there's a lot of losing in the current uniform design. A change just for change's sake wouldn't really be a bad idea.