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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Cubs 8-3

  • I'm really glad the Reds don't play the Cubs again for a month and a half. Series against Chicago and St. Louis stress me out more than any other.
  • Eric Milton did a great job. Three or four more starts like the last two and I'll be ready to start making bold pronouncements about his improvement. For now though I'm going to hold off for fear of jinxing him.
  • Adam Dunn: .355/.450/.871 He's leading the NL in home runs now as well.
  • Brandon Phillips went 0-4 today, but I actually like what I've seen out of him so far. I don't have that Dave Ross/Tony Womack despair that nothing can go right when he's at bat, and that's a good first step.
  • Reds pitchers can hit a little. I was very much afraid that Eric Milton was going to be too tired to pitch any more after seeing him labor around second. That was painful to watch, but in a fun way.
  • Is Todd Coffey the only hard throwing Reds reliever? Isn't that a problem?
  • Austin Kearns now has 7 extra base hits in 37 at bats, which gives me a lot of confidence that he might be returning to form. His plate selection has been kind of poor though, with only one walk so far this year, but that might have something to do with hitting seventh in the order so much. Pitchers aren't going to mind giving you pitches to hit when the 8th spot and the pitcher are coming up next.
  • The Reds have scored a ton of runs, but the Dodgers have scored 9 more than the Reds. They've played one more game, but still. It's the Dodgers. I was pretty surprised to see that. The Reds are fourth in baseball for runs scored, behind only the Dodgers, Yankees, and Braves. And they're tied for first in the NL Central. Things have been pretty fun so far, let's hope this all continues in St. Louis.