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Daily Link Dump 4/13

No game thoughts from yesterday, because there's just not a lot that I want to dwell on from a five error day. It's a good idea just to move on. Here's today's links:

JinAZ on Edwin Encarnacion. Red Hot Mama with her corresponding entry.

Ty Howington has signed with the Lincoln Saltdogs, which is an independent team. He's still just 25 so I suppose he could claw his way back into baseball, but yeah I don't really think so. His arm has to be held together with baling wire at this point.

This is a great Reggie Jackson interview:

"Because of the monetary things that I have, the way I live, that's what I mean. It winds up being me flaunting it. Why see me get on a private jet? Who would want to see that? Who wants to see me buy a bracelet for my girlfriend for $20,000? It would make someone sick."

Griffey's injury isn't serious. Sigh.

Why I love Adam Dunn:

So what is the inside of a major-league clubhouse like? It isn't much different from the average person's office. For example, pitcher Kent Mercker is selling Girl Scout cookies and Adam Dunn had two boxes in his locker.

"These are thin mints," said Dunn. "I put them in the freezer. My favorites. So good."