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Daily Link Dump 4/12

Wily Mo Pena isn't endearing himself to Red Sox fans:

It already wasn't going well for Peña, obtained in a trade for Bronson Arroyo from the Reds during spring training, after a weekend in Baltimore that featured six swings, six misses, one ball, and two strikeouts in two at-bats at Camden Yards. Other than an opposite-field double against the Rangers in Texas, Peña hasn't exactly impressed, especially with Arroyo winning games and hitting home runs in equal proportion (two of each).

But when Peña started drifting back on Frank Catalanotto's fly ball to deep right in the eighth, the result was singularly unexpected. Pena seemed in position to catch the ball, to save a sure home run. Instead, with his back contorted over the short fence in front of the Blue Jays' bullpen, the ball bounced off his glove and over the wall for a two-run homer. Not exactly what one might call graceful.

And Brandon Phillips explains why things went wrong in Cleveland:

"The year 2003 just killed me," he told Cincinnati reporters. "It was my rookie season and I got caught up in the atmosphere.

"I started good and I hit a walk-off home run and said, 'Man, that was good' and then all I heard was 'The rookie did this and the rookie did that' . . . all the talk and all the publicity, and I got caught up in all that. It hurt me."