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Daily Link Dump 4/11

Baseball Minutia discusses the Reds big offensive start.

JinAZ has more on drafting strategies. I love this kind of stuff.

This is all over the internet, so you've probably seen it by now. But just in case, 1986 World Series Game Six Re-enacted in RBI Baseball.

Redleg Nation has put together an organizational depth chart. I'll probably use that as an excuse to never bother updating mine again. That thing ended up being a giant pain in the ass.

A lot of people are getting pretty pissed off at's billing department:

We've received a couple of complaints about's billing service. People like Colleen and `Major Steel' love being able to listen to home or away radio broadcasts of every game, live and archived for fifteen bucks for the season. What they abhor is their credit card being billed three times.

Or being automatically debited for a new subscription after they had already decided not to renew.

When they try to call in and get it resolved, the customer service line is always busy and/or hangs up on them. What's the deal?

Anybody here having any problems with's services this year?

Here's a nice interview with Frank Thomas. I've always thought he's been underrated. But when you get stuck with the "bad guy" rep it gets pretty hard to get noticed for the good things, whether the rep was justified or not. And I don't think it was in Thomas' case, but you never really know.

Frank Robinson has been suspended. My wife thinks he's awesome incidentally. We were watching the Nats-Mets game when Pedro started and all of that went down, and she thought it was great how crazy Frank went. The umpires seemed really intimidated by him.

If you're looking for another fantasy league, check this one out. We're going to have a tiered structure next year if we can get this second league filled, where the top six teams from each league will play in the top league, while the bottom division teams will play in the other. This should help hold people's interest throughout the season, since finishing in the top half will mean something.