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Daily Link Dump - 4/10

Inspired by a popular Athletics Nation feature, I'm going to do away with the Reds blog watching feature and the daily newspaper roundup (every newspaper seems to be covering the same stories anyway) and just have one post with a bunch of interesting links from all over. Eventually this might become a diary like feature, but for now I'll just put it up every day. I'm hopeful that this'll become a resource where you guys will post (in the comments) any interesting articles you come across throughout the day, be it Reds related or not. But feel free to start diaries as well concerning articles and things, this isn't meant to be supplanting those.

JinAZ profiles Adam Dunn. And RHM with her corresponding piece.

We Heart the Reds with a Saturday game report. They didn't like the cheerleaders. I'm beginning to think I'm the only fan. Maybe I should be angling for an exclusive interview?

Redleg Nation interviewed Jay Bruce. He seems like a nice kid.

This is a hilarious article on the difficulties many rookie Marlins are having adjusting to big league life:

After arriving at the same hotel a day earlier, [Ricky Nolasco] couldn't find his luggage and panicked. "I got off the bus, I noticed nobody had their luggage. `Where are our bags?' I got to the lobby and I still couldn't find it,'' Nolasco said.

Two hours later, a teammate finally told Nolasco to relax: "Your bags are in your room.''