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Ryan Freel should beat up Tony Womack

Observations after the first week:

  • Tony Womack (der fuhrer) really needs to go. He hasn't played too badly (in his huge sample size of 10 at bats), but the blocking of Ryan Freel is making me kind of upset. Jerry Narron should probably go ahead and stop playing Womack in place of Freel.
  • The Reds offense has been ridiculous. My favorite stat has to be the 35 walks the Reds have drawn, against 42 strikeouts. There are a ton of other good signs as well, including Austin Kearns' four doubles,  Edwin Encarnacion's four walks, Adam Dunn's .381 average and .714 slugging percentage, Felipe Lopez's .400 batting average ... the list goes on and on. Also, Ken Griffey Jr. isn't dead yet, and that's always a plus.
  • The starting pitching hasn't been horrible! And really I'm pretty happy with it so far. Eric Milton and Dave Williams both looked kind of like major league pitchers, Aaron Harang had a much better second start, and Brandon Claussen didn't walk anybody. The Reds staff as a whole hasn't issued many free passes, which is great to see.
  • But good lord the bullpen has been terrible. I currently only feel comfortable when Todd Coffey and David Weathers are in the game. Actually that's going too far. The only time I'm not cringing in anticipation of something horrible is when Todd Coffey and David Weathers are pitching. The rest of the time it seems to be a foregone conclusion that the other team is going to score at will. Any of these guys could turn it around, but Mike Burns, Kent Mercker, Chris Hammond, Matt Belisle, and Rick White have all looked really, really bad. I'm very hopeful that a trade to help the bullpen is forthcoming.