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Quick Hits Saturday

  • And here I was all set to congratulate Amanda for a new gig, but it's apparently an April Fools joke.
  • This article says that Womack and Freel will be sharing the lead off duties. Tony Womack leading off isn't something this team particularly needs to see, but I really believe the Tony Womack problem will take care of itself in the first month or two. He'll play himself out of the lineup pretty quickly.
  • Chris Denorfia made the roster after all. That pretty much confirms that DeWayne Wise would have been the fourth outfielder, which makes his injury all the more tragic (for him at least). Ryan Wagner will start the season at AAA, which is probably for the best. If he has a good month or two then he can be brought up, and if he continues to struggle then he won't be hurting the big league club. I imagine we'll see plenty of Wagner this year, because our bullpen will have plenty of attrition.
  • Krivksy is building to win right away. I just love the fact that unlike DanO, he's not sitting on his ass waiting for the non-existant cavalry to arrive from the minor leagues.
  • ESPN isn't terribly optimistic about the Reds chances this year. ESPN is stupid. Not for picking the Reds to struggle, just in general. I wanted to get that on the record.
  • The Reds are finally going to start maximizing revenue streams, something they've been terrible at ... pretty much for my entire life.
  • Interesting New York times article on greenies. I'll never understand why some performance enhancing drugs are seen as worse than others. Either they're all bad, or none are bad, there shouldn't really be degrees of badness.
  • 10 people who will shape the Reds for the next 10 years. Adam Dunn, in his own words: "I still don't think I've played a lot of baseball. The more than I play, the more I'm going to get used to how they're going to pitch me and that's just going to help me down the road. I've stunk, I think. I haven't played to my capability at all."
  • Only two more days!