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Friday Quick Hits

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  • Great article on Bill James here. I'd been thinking about buying the book Inside the Mind of Bill James, and after reading this article I think I'm going to go ahead and make the purchase.
  • I finished Tom Browning's Tales from the Reds Dugout the other night, and I feel confident in giving it a wholehearted recommendation.  It's only a couple of hundred pages long, but it probably has a couple hundred stories packed in.  It's worth buying just for the Dave Parker dildo story.
  • The Reds picked up a player on waivers today, Jon Coutlangus. Coutlangus is a converted pitcher (he used to be an outfielder), and he had a pretty good year last year in high-A (3.04 ERA, 79/29 K/BB in 77 IP).  Nice pickup. He's only 25, so the position switch might not hurt him as much as it did Brian Shackelford, who first spent significant time pitching at the pro level when he was 26.
  • Friday puppy blogging: