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Gammons says that "NL executive is telling staff that MLB is going to contract 4 teams"

It's behind the Insider wall at ESPN so I can't link to it, but I just can't believe MLB would be so stupid as to try to contract four franchises.  Didn't they learn anything the last go round?

Honestly, I have no problem if it's a team like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or the Florida Marlins, teams that are relatively new franchises, franchises that have mostly failed to win the hearts of the local populace.  But when Bud starts talking about the A's or the Twins it really ticks me off. Cincinnati would be in these discussions if it weren't for GABP, so I have a lot of empathy for fans in those cities.

Again, this is just a Peter Gammons rumor, but if it's true then it's a disgrace.