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Quick Hits

Less than a week to Opening Day, and not a damn thing really seems to be happening. Calm before the storm I suppose.

  • I'm guessing that this is meaningless. If Jorgenson is anything more than the backup at Louisville I'll be shocked.
  • I was all ready to be ashamed for Pete Rose once again, but he pretty much gets it right here. Rose on steroids users: "Unless you took steroids the last two years, I don't care." Abso-freaking-lutely.
  • This is tacky as hell. So MLB is anti-gambling but scratch off lottery tickets are ok? Mixed messages much?
  • Anybody see the big fight? Julian Taverez is a crazy bastard.
  • Jason LaRue might make it into the Opening Day lineup, which is pretty nuts. I hope he doesn't rush things, but it would be nice to see him behind the plate Monday.
And speaking of Monday, it really can't get here quickly enough. I've been tired of Spring Training for about a month. If I read one more lame "scrappy veteran who knows how to play the game the right way" joke on RedsZone (describing Tony Womack or Hatteberg or the like) I'm going to lose my mind.

Things are getting better for the Cincinnati Reds, and I'm ready for some real baseball to commence.