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First base

This guy would be a much better pickup than Hee-Seop Choi.

Not that I expect the Reds to make a move at first. They seem pretty happy with Hatteberg, and rightfully so, because I think he's going to surprise people now that he's playing in an environment that's more conducive to offense. He won't be a stud or anything, but he'll get on base at a pretty good clip, and that's really all the Reds need with the offense they have surrounding him.

Choi would have been an interesting move, but I'm not going to badmouth Krivsky for not making it. Hee-Seop has pretty much had one good half season in the past four years, and just because he can take a walk and has some pop doesn't mean he's The Answer.

I'll go out on a not very long limb and say that Scott Hatteberg will have a better OBP at the end of this season then Hee-Seop Choi. Choi will more than likely have a better slugging percentage, but I'm not sure the Reds need another Three True Outcomes kind of guy.

Remember, the Reds probably only need a first basemen for 2006. Joey Votto will be ready in the next two-three years, and Adam Dunn can always be moved when another outfielder arrives to take his spot (in the eyes of the organization - some of us think Denorfia is already there).