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Reds sign Alex Sanchez

I don't really think this means a whole lot.  The organization was down an outfielder who could play at the major league level after trading Wily Mo, and now it's picked one up who's capable:

The Reds have decided to take a chance on Alex Sanchez.

The outfielder is known for carrying around some baggage, including the dubious distinction of being the first player busted by MLB's steroid policies last year, but he's got some serious talent. A .296 career hitter in the majors and .295 in the minors, plus plenty of speed.

I know he tested positive last year, but I'm still surprised he was without a team this late into Spring.  He hit .324 last year in 176 at bats. He pretty much sucks as an everyday player (can't take a walk to save his life, with no power), but as a fourth or fifth outfielder he's pretty attractive.