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Friday Quick Hits and the return of Friday Puppy Blogging

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 - I missed this when it first appeared, but John Sickels did an excellent prospect retro on Eric Davis.  

 - Greg Tamer has a nice preview of the Reds season at Hardball Times.

 - I'm loaded down with baseball books.  Publishing companies have been sending books out to bloggers a lot more lately, and I've gotten a few freebies.  I've also paid for a few baseball books lately.  Here are quick reviews of what I've read so far:

Fantasyland by Sam Walker is just an awesome, awesome book. It details a guy spending in excess of $50,000 to draft and manage a fantasy baseball team in an elite expert league.  I really recommend this if you've ever played fantasy baseball.

Baseball Prospectus is as good as ever, and it's pretty much all I've used to draft my fantasy teams (although I did buy a few magazines as well). The Reds chapter isn't really as valuable this year, because all the commentary was written before Dan O'Brien's firing, but the player comments are very interesting and insightful, as usual.

Tom Browning's Tales from the Reds Dugout came the other day, and while I haven't read too much yet it's pretty good so far. I can't really imagine any long time Reds fan not wanting to read this, and I still stand by my earlier statement that I hope more of these type of books will be forthcoming.  It's annoying to go to an Ohio book store and see the sports shelves covered with Red Sox/Yankees/Cubs dreck.

 - And finally, a return of Friday Puppy Blogging (Larkin's gotten a bit bigger):