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Allan Simpson waived

Other sites will probably bill this as Matt Kata picked up off of waivers, but the real story here is that the Reds have a bizarre Jim Bowden/outfielders love for absolutely atrocious middle infielders and lost a relatively promising power arm because of it.

Allan Simpson had a 4.06 ERA and struck out 89 batters in 64 innings last year in Louisville.  We gave that up for a guy who can't hit. At all.

.248/.308/.392 in 487 major league at bats.  That's Matt Kata.

So now we have Ryan Freel, Rich Aurilia, Tony Womack, Frank Menechino, and Matt Kata all in camp fighting for the same second base position. I guess it's possible I'm not seeing the big picture here, but I really don't get it.