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Brad Kullman fired

I'm really quite shocked:

Brad Kullman has been fired. Can't say I'm surprised by this, but apparently this has happened within the last couple of hours. Talked to him a little before 5 and it sounded like everything was fine.

"The Reds appreciate all of Brad's efforts in the 11 years he has been here," said Wayne Krivsky. "We've decided to make a change, and we wish he and his family well."


Just talked briefly with Brad Kullman, who was kind enough to call me back on a difficult night. He was still pretty emotional, but gracious to the Reds and to Krivsky. There was no cloak-and-dagger treachery at work here; Krivsky simply wants to put his own people in place, and one person he apparently has in mind would be in the job Kullman was doing.

Also, I'm not ready to be negative again, but Krivsky's first signing is a true headscratcher:

The Reds have signed -- drumroll, please -- Timo Perez. It's a minor league deal but does not, at this point, carry an invitation to big-league camp.