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Reactions to the Wayne Krivsky hiring

From Aaron Gleeman:

That's not to say Krivsky won't be missed a ton or that the Reds made a poor hire. Quite the opposite actually, because if you go strictly by Krivsky's apparent reputation within baseball and Ryan's effusive praise of him, he seems to be an excellent fit for the job of rebuilding a mid-market team.

From Ken Rosenthal:

The Reds boast a proud history, a devoted fan base and a relatively new ballpark. O'Brien, the former GM, was correct in his belief that a turnaround will take time, but too passive in his approach. The most successful low-revenue teams combine patience and aggressiveness, constantly shuffling players in search of the greatest possible value. The Indians' recent trade of Crisp for a package headed by third-base prospect Andy Marte was an example of such forward thinking. The Reds' signing of Milton as a free agent a year ago was not.

Krivsky, a graduate of both Duke and the Terry Ryan Finishing School, is smart enough to understand the difference. If he does his job well, his transformation of the Reds initially will make fans confused, even angry. At times, it might even look like outright surrender. But that's OK, because the no-pain, no-gain concept applies. As the Indians' Shapiro can attest, the less popular Krivsky is in his first year, the better off the franchise might be.

From Marc Lancaster:

Finally, an editorial comment of my own: I think this pairing of Castellini and Krivsky is a perfect fit for this franchise at this time. I expect them to make a legitimate difference within the next couple of years.

From Doc Scott:

Given Jim Beattie's checkered past and Wayne's own twin backgrounds in player development and trading, count me a little relieved!

And finally, my reaction:

I think Wayne Krivsky is the right man for the job.   There were plenty of candidates that I wouldn't have minded as GM (Wren, Mozeliak, Kullman, the not even interviewed DePodesta) but I think Krivsky is a very solid choice.  Terry Ryan called him overprepared, and I have to agree.  The fact that he was the main instigator behind the Joe Nathan deal gives me all kinds of hope.

And I agree with Ken Rosenthal.  I have no idea if it'll happen, but the entire team needs rebuilt.  The Reds aren't going to win with a roster that resembles anything like what they have now, so Krivsky might as well get the dirty work out of the way now. Some popular players are going to be traded before things get better, and I'm ok with that.

Even if it's Adam Dunn. Or Ken Griffey Junior.

Until they make me do otherwise, I'm trusting in Krivsky and Castellini.

I feel pretty good about Reds baseball right now, and I haven't felt that way in six or seven years.  It's a good feeling, and I'm enjoying it.