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Reds Roundtable: Part 7

It's that time again.  The members of the Reds blogosphere got together a few days ago and had a chat concerning the Reds offseason and what we have to look forward to in 2006.

The participants:

The Big Red Mechanic
Cincinnati Reds blog
The Cutting Edge
Red Hot Mama
Reds (and Blues)
We Heart the Reds

And the previous parts of the chat (make sure to read these first, or the flow of things won't really make a ton of sense ... actually it might not make a ton of sense even if you read the previous parts, but humor me.  Plus these sites deserve the traffic so check them out.  And thus ends the longest parenthetical aside in the history of this blog. Hurray!):

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And now Part 7:

Red Hot Mama: Predictions?

Doc Scott: .500

Shawn: Same here...81-81

Doc Scott: of course, I predicted that last year

JDArney: 63-67 wins

Doc Scott: OW

Doc Scott: dang, JD

Shawn: More realistic

JDArney: I foresee a firesale

Shawn: I'm still a fan

Shawn: Who's to sell?

JDArney: Krivsky is going to want to make this team his own

BRM: Reds surprise a lot of people by coming out of the gate solidly and holding their own. They aren't a juggernaut by they stay in playoff contention until deep into the season.

JDArney: An outfielder

JDArney: Old relievers

Doc Scott: they don't have a prayer against St.
Louis or Houston

Shawn: Griffey?

JDArney: catchers

Shawn: Aurilia?

Doc Scott: or even the Cubs, really

Shawn: LaRue?

Shawn: Not much of a sale

BRM: Edwin Encarnacion will be a rookie of the year candidate.

Shawn: The Cubs are going down fast

Doc Scott: Milwaukee will be a contender

Shawn: Encarnacion is not eligible for Rookie honors

Doc Scott: EE isn't going to be eligible, yeah

Doc Scott: too many ABs

BRM: Everyone is talking about Milwaukee. I don't see it, sorry.

Shawn: Milwaukee is a year or two away from being good

BRM: They even lost Overbay who was great for em

Doc Scott: that was a great trade

Shawn: It will take a year or two for Weeks and Fielder to get going

BRM: EE is eligible!

Shawn: They will be really good in 2008

Doc Scott: they got some pitching for him, and they have Prince Fielder about to become the new Albert Belle

JDArney: Maybe not much of a sale, but it'll still cause a few more losses

Doc Scott: Fielder's ready

BRM: Are you sure about EE not being eligible?

JDArney: And I think this is a 75 win team at best, combine that with a fire sale and you have my prediction

BRM: he played less than half a season!

JDArney: And I think Milwaukee could win the division

BRM: Milwaukee...LOL

BRM: Sheets isn't even throwing yet...and is a major question mark

Shawn: Encarnacion had 211 AB last year. 102 is the limit for Rookie consideration

BRM: ok didnt know that, Shawn..thanks for the info.

Doc Scott: they were .500 last year without Sheets

JDArney: Milwaukee was a .500 team last year

BRM: Its between the Cubs, Cards, and Stros... but I dont think anyone will run away with it like last year.

JDArney: I don't see how its out of the question to get 7-10 games better with the youth that they have

Shawn: Sheets was 10-9 last year

Shawn: Cardinals and Astros on top.

Shawn: Pittsburgh will surprise

JDArney: The Astros are done

Shawn: We could easily finish last

JDArney: Unless Clemens comes back

JDArney: And even if he does it wont be till May

Shawn: Keeps his arm fresh

Shawn: He'll need the break after the World Cup, or whatever it's called

JDArney: My finish: 1) Milwaukee 2) St. Louis 3) Chicago 4) Houston 5) Pittsburgh 6) Cincinnati

Red Hot Mama: Come on guys. Where's your romantic sides? You don't dream that our new ownership can usher in an era of winning this very year?

Doc Scott: I still think we'll beat Pittsburgh

Shawn: Switch Milwaukee to 4th, and you have my prediction

JDArney: I'm willing to give them a year or two

BRM: My money would be on the Cubs, but I am still hoping like hell the Reds pull off a miracle.

Shawn: I still believe in miracles

Doc Scott: and the 3-6 teams won't be separated by a large amount, maybe 6-8 games total

Red Hot Mama: Good for you!