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Homer Bailey makes Baseball America's top prospect list

Clocks in at number 38:

38. HOMER BAILEY, rhp, Reds

"He'll break off a hammer curve after a 97 mile an hour fastball and there's just nothing you can do about it. Unless your name is Ichiro, you're not going to hit that."
--Dayton outfielder B.J. Szymanski
ETA: 2008

Jay Bruce was 76th:

76. JAY BRUCE, of, Reds

"He's a five-tool player, and they're kind of rare. He's a center fielder, and the only question is if he grows out of it size-wise."
--Reds scouting director Terry Reynolds
ETA: 2008

They were the only two Reds to make the list, which is kind of depressing since both players are still in the lower levels.