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Germano in line for job

From Marc:

"San Diego had a logjam of pitching and top prospects, so it was tough just to get up there and stay," Germano said Wednesday. "I definitely see some opportunity here."

His track record makes it easy to see why the Reds think so highly of him after only a month or so worth of work in their organization. It isn't so much the 3-2 record and 4.01 ERA Germano compiled in eight starts for Louisville last summer that impressed the front office; it's the way Germano goes about his work.

"Just watching him out there throwing, it looks like he has a real good idea," said manager Jerry Narron. "It looks like he's going to be a guy that can throw strikes."

Germano agrees that detail work in the strike zone is his trademark, and his statistics back it up. In 871 1/3 minor league innings, Germano has walked only 167 batters while striking out 711.

I keep hearing questions about who's going to be the fifth starter, and I really don't get it.

  1. Aaron Harang
  2. Brandon Claussen
  3. Eric Milton
  4. Dave Williams
  5. Paul Wilson
Where's the open spot? I know that Wilson might not be healthy, but he's already throwing which makes me think he'll be ready to go by Opening Day.

And I'm not saying there won't be injuries, because there will be of course, but I really don't get why I'm seeing a ton of articles lately on the fifth spot in the rotation.  It seems like a non-issue to me.