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Tony Womack wants second to himself

I'm not going to bash the guy, because it's his right (duty?) to be competitive, but yikes:

He batted just .249 with 15 RBIs in 108 games while posting a .276 on-base percentage for the Yankees.

It proved to be one of the most difficult seasons of a 12-year big league career.

"I went through it because they put me through it. It wasn't like I did it to myself," Womack said. "I still like to play. It's no fun knowing that you can still play and contribute to somebody when this team is holding you back. The Yankees held me back."

Granted, I wasn't totally up to date on the Tony Womack saga in New York last season, but judging from the fact that he managed 329 at bats despite a .276 OBP I'd say the Yankees gave him way too much of a chance.  Womack actually goes on to address his on-base percentage:

"The intangibles never show up in the stats," Womack said. "People say I don't have a good on-base percentage. But when I get on, a lot of things happen. There are no stats for that."

Maybe good things do happen when Womack gets on, I have no idea. But unless those good things include free beer and attractive women I'm not really interested. He just doesn't get on base enough. At all. Ever.  Even back when he was "good".

The old saying "you can't steal first" was probably said about a very Tony Womack-ish kinda guy.

(As an aside, I've seen some google ads at other sites that ask the reader to "click here for a free Tony Womack jersey!".  I'm not sure that's a terribly enticing incentive.)