Josh Hancock puts on the pounds, then packs his bags

Josh Hancock has been released for being 17 pounds overweight when reporting to Sarasota. Looks like the Reds aren't messing around this year.

From the Cincy Enquirer

But when the Reds manager discovered that Hancock had arrived in Sarasota a reported 17 pounds heavier than the club wanted, he made his decision quickly.

"I talked to these guys that last day (of last season) in St. Louis about coming to spring training in shape," Narron said. "The only way you do that is to take it seriously. I have no clue of what Josh Hancock did this winter. He might have run a marathon for all I know. He might have been throwing off the mound every day. But he was 17 pounds over his requested reporting weight. Can be a successful pitcher at 17 pounds more than he's asked to be? Maybe. But we looked at last year. He was on the disabled list for 133 games. We did not see the commitment we wanted to see."

Narron added: "Hopefully, Josh has a great major league career. Hopefully, this opens his eyes."